Our Services
Our Services

Our corporate goal is to differentiate OXERRA from other pigment suppliers by providing best-in-class technical service and staff

Cathay Industries offers
industry leading color matching service

Cathay Industries’ approach to customer service does not stop at the product sale. We take the relationship further with additional support and training for our customers. Our team’s combined years in the iron oxide pigment industry positions us above others in the market.

Cathay’s North American technical service labs are complemented by our labs around the world and global team’s expertise.

We currently manufacture and supply high-purity coatings and construction-grade Iron Oxides. Our products are manufactured at 14 facilities worldwide, including seven in China, two in Australia and the USA and one in Belgium, South Africa and England.

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Color Matching

Cathay Industries offers industry leading color matching service. State-of-the-art color measurement equipment and years of color matching experience are used to produce fast, responsive, and accurate color matches. Some of the color matching services offered are as follows:

  • Pigment Sample Matching Pigment to pigment color matching work is performed in each customer’s unique application.
  • Competitive Offsets In most cases, Cathay can use our extensive color matching database to provide offsets to competitive pigments.
  • Application Matching “Sample Matching” is the most common service provided by the Cathay lab. Customers send in samples (bricks, blocks, pavers, stucco, mortar, etc) to the lab. Each customer’s raw materials and production methods are used by the lab to create a custom match for the submitted sample. Using each customers’ specific materials and process allows the match to “scale up” from lab to plant.

Automation Equipment

Cathay Industries installs and supports systems from all major manufacturers of dispensing automation equipment. Powder, Liquid or Granular – we help customers choose the right system for their application.

  • Plant Scoping A team of pigment automation experts evaluates each application and presents a variety of options as well as our recommendations.
  • Installation A Cathay Industries technician is on site during the equipment installation and start up process. We work with the equipment manufacturer to avoid delays and other start up problems.
  • Service and Support With pigment running in every major type of automation equipment, Cathay’s technical staff has broad knowledge of all dispensing systems. Our technicians work with each equipment manufacturer to solve problems and keep each system running well.

Process Reviews

Through many years of experience, Cathay Industries has learned that many “color” problems are not related to the pigment at all. Variables like moisture, curing, aggregates, cement, and other process variables all affect the “color” of the finished product. As a pigment supplier, our goal is to help our customers produce the most consistent color possible.

Before or after a problem occurs, Cathay Industries can perform a production process review. During the review, a team of Cathay experts will observe your production process, test many of your raw materials, and issue a report specific to your plant that illustrates variables that could lead to color variation.

After the review, the Cathay team will also recommend proven methods of increasing consistency and reducing color variation.

Formulation Assistance

Manufacturing and ingredient changes can occur for a variety of reasons when making a concrete product. Unfortunately, a change in any aspect of the process or raw materials can produce a color change.

The Cathay Industries color lab can help minimize the color variation that will result from a process or raw material change. Our color lab can provide testing and corrective recommendations for the following:

  • Cement changes
  • Slag or fly ash incorporation
  • Aggregate changes
  • Admixture change
  • Curing changes
  • Aggregate gradations and analysis
  • Cement shade and mill report analysis
  • Water recommendations

Customer Training

One of Cathay Industries strengths is technical experience. We pass this knowledge and experience on to our customers through training. Several training forums are available:

  • Color Seminar The color seminar is an all day, on site training session for production, sales, and management. The color seminar starts by teaching about color and color theory. The color theory is used for the next section – colorants. Once color and pigment has been explained, the knowledge is applied to concrete. Finally, variables that affect the color of concrete are demonstrated and explained. Each seminar is specifically tailored to the customer site.
  • Tech Service Lab Customers are invited to train for a few days in our tech service lab and learn how color matching is performed. Training starts with a short color seminar, and continues with actual hands on color matching side by side with our bench technicians.
  • Dispenser Training This training is best performed on site. Theory of operation, system features, entering formulas, changing parameters, troubleshooting common problems, system repair, and preventative maintenance are explained to customers.