Micronized EnvironOxide® BG-838M

One of the most exciting recent innovations in the Iron Oxide Industry has been Hoover Color’s introduction of EnvironOxide®. These pigments are produced using a unique process; that uses neither conventional mined natural ores nor a chemical synthesis. Utilizing a proprietary process, we harvest iron oxides while converting coal-field mine drainage into clean water. The process is sustainable in addition to its environmental remediation benefits.

BG-838M is the most yellow of the EnvironOxide® series. The “M” processing delivers a high degree of transparency that enables it to be used in conjunction with polished metallic substrates and/or effect pigments to produce a gold effect. Like all Iron Oxides, EnvironOxides® are lightfast and chemical resistant. EnvironOxide® BG-838M has also been processed to make it easy to disperse.

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