Mapico® Tan 10AG

Oxerra Americas offers a range of high-quality heat resistant pigments under the brand name Mapico®. They are ideally suitable for wide range of high temperature applications, including masterbatches, thermal plastics, powder coatings, high-bake temperature industrial finishes, coil coatings, military coatings and specialty coatings.

CathayTherm™ ZF25 is a yellow Zinc Ferrite pigment which exhibits outstanding performance in terms of opacity, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, exterior durability and compatibility. CathayTherm™ ZF25 is stable in temperatures up to 400°C (750°F) or higher in some applications. It is highly micronized to offer easy dispersion with high-speed impeller (Cowles type) milling equipment or single & twin screw extruders as well.

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