CathayGran™ Black F9330GS

Synthetic Black Iron Oxides from OXERRA are high-quality inorganic color pigments suitable for a wide range of demanding colorant applications. Typical applications include concrete block pavers, concrete bricks, paving slabs, roof tiles, architectural masonry, ready mix concrete, mortars, walling blocks and asphalt.

CathayGran™ Black series ranges from Light Black F9330GS to Very Strong and Bluish Black F9600GP. The granular structure provides a free-flowing, low dusting Pigment with high dispersing properties. As with all OXERRA products the CathayGran™ Iron Oxides are produced to strict quality tolerances. Our products yield reliable performance properties which offer outstanding light fastness, curing stability, opacity, chemical resistance, alkali resistance, heat stability, exterior durability and compatibility.

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