Cathay Industries Opens Singapore Operation

Leading global iron oxide pigment manufacturer Cathay Industries is excited about the opening of its Singapore subsidiary.

Cathay Industries Group CEO Mr. Terence Yu, said, “In line with our global expansion strategy, we are very excited to be officially opening our Singapore subsidiary “CATHAY Pigments Asia Pacific Pte. Limited.” from the 1stOctober 2020.”

Mr. Yu said, “2020 has been a challenging business environment, but with the support of our tremendous global team, diligent contingency and governance programs, we are extremely proud to commission stage one of our strategic expansion with the Singapore operation, whilst expanded manufacturing capabilities in stage two is well within our projected time frame “

Cathay Pigments Asia Pacific Pte. Limited will be located at 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, 13-09, Singapore 079903

Cathay Group’s global growth strategy continues to focus on the highest level of  sustainable and eco-friendly technology to support industry, particularly the consistency of its high-quality CathayCoat™, CathayTherm™, Ferrotint™, CathayGran™ product range, which already provides advanced and sustainable solutions in the highly technical and demanding coating, plastic and construction markets.


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